Participants (Exhibitors)

  1. Technological Research Centre of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
  2. Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, Department of Computer and Informatics Engineering
  3. Democritus University of Thrace, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  4. Open University
  5. University of Western Macedonia, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications
  6. Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, Department of Automation Engineering and Department of Computer Systems Engineering
  7. Central Greece University of Applied Sciences, Department of Engineering Informatics
  8. Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki , Department of Computer and Informatics Engineering
  9. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Physics
  10. Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Department of Electronic Engineering
  11. University of Applied Sciences of Thessaly, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  12. Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences, Department of Informatics Engineering
  13. American College of Thessaloniki
  14. GROBOT – The Greek Portal Robotics
  15. 1st EPAL of Ptolemais
  16. 1st EPAL of Drama
  17. EPAL of Chrisoupoli
  18. 5th Lyceum of Kavala
  19. 6th Gymnasium of Kavala
  20. 24 Primary School of Kavala
  21. A large number of independent exhibitors

Themes presented to students in the amphitheater

  1. Career Guidance in ΙΤ profession
  2. Educational Robotics and Collaborative Learning
  3. Microelectronics and Embedded Systems
  4. Robotics and Applications
  5. Create your own Robot with Arduino
  6. Safe Internet
  7. New Communication Technologies – IP Telephony
  8. E-Book
  9. RFID Technology Applications in Combination with Internet
  10. Safe Surfing the Internet via Mobile Phone
  11. Connected TV, Smart TV and Internet
  12. Android vs. iOS
  13. Augmented Reality and Innovation

Topics and Speakers in the Workshops

  1. “Innovation Made in Greece»,Makios V., Professor, University of Patras, General Director of Corallia
  2. «Corallia as an innovation catalyst”, Dr. Sanchez J., Director of Strategic Planning & Development Corallia
  3. “Presentation of ENEBH activities “, Dr. Koutsogiannopoulos C., President ΕΝΕΒΗ
  4. “R & D for innovation, PRISMA Electronics”, Soukoulias P., General Director of PRISMA Electronics SA
  5. «IMEC – Innovation in Microelectronics. Presentation of 3D Integrated Circuits “, Dr. Velenis D., Researcher at IMEC Belgium
  6. “Innovation in the department of Industrial Informatics”, Papadakis S., Professor, Head of Department of Industrial Informatics, TEI of Kavala
  7. “The Role of Secondary Vocational Education in Innovation and New Technologies”, Bonatsos V., Head of Secondary Vocational Education at Kozani Prefecture
  8. “Innovative technologies and spin-off/spin-out firms”, Stamoulis G.. Professor, Head of Department of Computer and Communications Engineering, University of Thessaly
  9. «STAFF Jeans & Innovation”, Papaioannou, Apostolakopoulos, IT & Logistics, STAFF A.E.
  10. “Innovative Applications of Automation”, Tsigkalis A., Industrial Automation SIEMENS SA
  11. “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, Kaltapanidis E., President of the Association of Industrialists E.M.Th. and President of ASCO Group of Companies.
  12. “Innovation and Development”, Floridis G., Former Deputy Minister in Economics
  13. “Applications of Electronic Learning and Teaching in Education”, Samson D., Assoc. Professor, University of Piraeus , Chair of the IEEE Computer Society -Learning Technology Technical Committee.
  14. Free Software / Open Source” Software, Karounos Th., President FOSS.
  15. “Distance Learning”, Stamatis D., Professor, ATEI of Thessaloniki
  16. “The Digital Communication approach to Holistic Education Method (Implementation and User Experience)”, Karakatsanis A, Liaison Office of Technology Transfer, Democritus University of Thrace.
  17. «E-Learning for Maintenance Management Training», Papathanasiou N., Associate Ι.Π.Ε Τ/Ε.Κ. “ATHENA”.
  18. “Open Source Approach: The OLPC» Initiative, Dr. Kostakis B., P2P Foundation (Foundation for Peer Alternatives).
  19. “The use of Asynchronous Distance Education Teacher Training ΔΔΕ Drama”, Charpantidou Z., Head ΚΕ.ΠΛΗ.ΝΕΤ. ΔΔΕ, Drama.
  20. «Technology Βeyond Borders», Kampourlazos B. Professor, Department of Industrial Informatics, TEI Kavala
  21. «Materials, Science and Society: Technology Without Borders», Feldman Leonard C., Professor, Vice Chancellor of Rutgers University US
  22. “ΡΟΔΟΠΗ Development, Development Without Borders”, Kefalidis E., General Manager POΔΟΠΗ Development
  23. «VoIP Infrastructure Security: Threats and Possible Solutions”, Katos B., Ass. Professor, Democritus University of Thrace.
  24. “Presentation of European Research on Safe Internet – Safeinternet. Safe Use of the Internet and Society “, Kormas C., Training program coordinator “Ariadne”, Manager of the Helpline Support of the  Greek Safer Internet Centre, Adolescent Health Unit II of Pediatrics, University of Athens
  25. «Hackademic: The Safety Network Applications from Theory to Practice”, Vlachos B., Lecturer TEI o Larisa.
  26. “Safe Use of the Internet: Myth or Reality”, Dr. Pap Alexander, TEI of Larisa.
  27. «GARS: Protection of the Underaged from the Electronic Crime”, Michalopoulos D., University of Macedonia.
  28. “The Role Networks Can Play in the Development Process”, Granas A., Vice Regional Governor of the Regional Unity of Kavala
  29. “The Framework for Horizon 2020 and the Subject of Next Generation Networks and the Services they will Offer”, Rantos K., Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Informatics, TEI of Kavala.
  30. “The Current State of the Networks in the Country and the Role they could Play in the Future Development of the Country”, Amiridis J., President of the Parliamentary Research and Technology Committee
  31. “Natural Human-Robot Interaction’, Doulgeri Z., Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  32. “Cognitive Robotics”, Kampourlazos B., Professor, Department of Computer and Informatics Engineering, TEI EMT.
  33. “Remote Underwater Vehicles”, Ligoura John, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace
  34. “Artificial Vision in Robot Animation.”, Gasteratos A., Assoc. Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace
  35. “Modern Trends in Robotics”, Pachidis Th., Assistant Professor, Dep. of Computer and Informatics Engineering, TEI EMT
  36. “The Role Robotics Can play in the Development Process”, Geromarkos G., Deputy Regional Governor for the Development in EMT Region
  37. “Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice”, Panagiotidis I., Vice President of Kavala Chamber
  38. “Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Role of the New ESPA”, Markopoulos Th., Vice Regional Governor of the Regional Unity of Kavala
  39. “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, Theodorakis S., Head of the Political Movement “The River”
  40. “Strategy of Smart Specialization in EMT Region’, Soukoulias P., Chairman of the Regional Innovation Council and EMT Region Entrepreneurship.
  41. “Smart Specialization Strategies and development innovation in the Period of 2014-2020 “, Komninos N., Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Thessaloniki, Director of URENIO
  42. “Smart Cars : Innovations for More Privacy”, Gritzalis D., Professor, Department of Economics, University of Athens
  43. “Business Funding Sources”, Tsatsoulis A., President of the Chamber of Kavala
  44. “SME Support Network (Enterprise Europe Network)», Mavromatis S., Director of the Chamber of Kavala
  45. “The pathogenicities of Greek Entrepreneurship and How to Overcome Them”, Mentekidis D., President and Managing Director of “S. Mentekidis SA “
  46. «AUTO-AVANTA a START UP Business in the Car Area ‘, Samaras C., Vehicle and Information Engineer
  47. “Modern teaching and Learning Practices”, Tsinakos A., Professor, Dep. of Computer and Informatics Engineering, TEI EMT
  48. “The Gate of Open Education: A Challenge for Every Modern Education”, Dr. Perifanou M., Researcher and Manager of European Projects in the Field of Educational Technology,
  49. “Physical Interfaces in Education: Teachers and Pupils Create Intelligent Learning Objects”, Palaigeorgiou G., Lecturer, University of Western Macedonia
  50. “The Logo in Education: A Practice and Learning Community”, Dr. Glezou K., Teacher of Informatics and Natural Sciences in Arsakeia – Tositseia Schools in Psychiko
  51. “Educational Robotics and Collaborative Learning”, Mpakali J., Information Engineer, Collaborator TRC EMT
  52. “Available Financial Instruments for Agriculture and Food”, Markopoulos Theodoros Dr. Agricultural Engineer, Deputy Regional Governor of Kavala
  53. “The Contribution of Networking and Information and Communication Technologies to the Development of the Agricultural Sector and the Countryside”, Michailidis Anastasios, Assistant Professor of the Department of Agriculture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  54. “UAV (or Drones or UAS): Unmanned Aerial Systems: Surveying Techniques of the Soil-Plant System”, Gertsis Athanasios, Agricultural Engineer, Professor at Perrotis College of the American Farm School.
  55. “Quality Assurance Systems for Agricultural Products”, Papadopoulos Sotirios, Dr. Agricultural Engineer, Deputy Regional Governor of Agricultural Development of the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Periphery..
  56. “Implementation of New Technologies and Innovation in the Production of Pulses”, Papaiordanidis Ioannis, Agricultural Engineer, Entrepreneur.
  57. “Use of New Technologies by the Union of Agricultural Cooperations (UAC) of Kavala”, Hatziliadis Georgios, Director of Services and Informatics of UAC of Kavala.
  58. “Innovation in the School of Nature”, Georgiadou Veta, Kindergarten, Entrepreneur.
  59. “Educational Visits as a Discovering Adventure and Playful Learning”, Nutzelis Ioannis, Philologist & Political Scientist of Doukas Schools.
  60. “Cultural Two-Day: Opening the School’s Doors to Culture”, Efi Tambakakis, Philologist, Director of Arsakeio Gymnasio, Psychiko.
  61. “Employment and Career Structure of the Democritus University”, Tsistos Dimitrios, Director of Carrier Office, Democritus University.
  62. “Excellence in Education”, Dimitra Tsanaka, Mayor of Kavala.
  63. “Modern Technologies and the School Environment: Challenges for Students, Teachers and Parents”: 1. Professor Tsinakos Augustos, Technological Educational Institute of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, 2. Professor Dagdileli Vasila, President of the National Organization for Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance – University of Macedonia, 3. Professor Stamatis Dimosthenis, President of the Higher Technological Education Council of ATEI of Thessaloniki.
  64. “Necessary Skills for Labor Market Integration”, Fakas Therapon, Personal and Professional Development Advisor.
  65. “The 4th Industrial Revolution – The Developmental Dimension of Actions such as the Industrial Informatics Festival”, George Florides, former Minister of Economics of the Greek Government.
  66. “Informatics and Basic Questions of the 21st Century”, Dimitrios Karabatzakis, Assistant Professor, Technological Educational Institute of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.
  67. “Modern Technologies in the Information Society Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, Anna Michel Assimakopoulou, European Member of Parliament
  68. “Contemporary Perspectives for a New Development Plan”, Constantinos A. Karamanlis, MP, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of the Greek Government.

  Parallel Events

  1. A 20 days of duration WEB Poll with a questioner related to students’ views (1518 participants from the high schools of the prefectures of Drama and Kavala) on the familiarization and use of new technologies in their daily lives inside and outside school. The results were published.
  2. Presentation to the parents “The web alphabet” so that they understand the language of their children regarding the Internet and new technologies.
  3. 12 workshops concerning various issues related to innovation and new technologies and the role they may play in the success of the business effort and the development of the country.
  4. Workshop on educational robotics for parents and children.
  5. Presentation of educational applications with the tools Moodle and wikis.
  6. Presentation of Educational e-portfolio use in a laboratory exercise in implementing Mahara.
  7. Presentation to physics teachers in secondary education of Greek experiment ATLAS in online connection to CERN.
  8. Training Seminar in physics secondary school teachers for transferring the HYPATIA software in school class.
  9. View the winning films of the Short Film Festival of Drama.
  10. 10 hour seminar for the secondary school students and teachers on “ARDUINO».
  11. Presentation of Vodafone’s people for the services offered by the company and the career prospects of the IT engineering graduates.
  12. Musical presentation from the students of the musical schools of the region and many other cultural events.

Projects (Exhibits)

  1. Online Electronics Distribution Agency Releases
  2. Automatic Pills Giving Machine in Hospitals
  3. Smart Refrigerator
  4. Bicycle Computer
  5. Neapolis: 20 Years of Creation
  6. Car Diagnostic System
  7. Tags and RFID Technology Systems
  8. Robotic Vehicle for Survivors Searching (R.OX.AN.E)
  9. FPGA Applications
  10. Development of a Web Application for Managing a Courier Company
  11. Positional Localization on a Shaft Using Conventional AC Motor
  12. Remote Control and Management of a CONTROL ROOM
  13. Software of Theoretical Education for Driving License Candidates
  14. Central Heating Through Cavitation.
  15. Green Wave for Special Vehicles in Traffic Lights with Negative Counter and Frost Sensor
  16. Electronic Chess
  17. Digital Tour Guidance System, XENAGOS
  18. Wireless Network Technology of Intelligent Multisensor, PRISMASENSE
  19. Webradio webTV
  20. Presentation PS2-XBOX
  21. Estate Consultants Software
  22. Aircraft Parking Guidance in an Airport
  23. Greenhouse Automatic Control System
  24. Autonomous Line Following Vehicle
  25. Fully Automated Coffee Machine with Remote Option
  26. Design and Construction of Interactive Multi-Touch Surface
  27. Application for Managing Fire Extinguishers with Use of RFID Technology
  28. Educational Robotics
  29. The Use of Robotic Arm in a Pharmacy
  30. Cross-platform Software for Teaching Keyboard
  31. Guidance on Three Level Parking Place
  32. Ecological Car Cleaning System K.O.M.A.X.
  33. Ultrasonic Artificial Vision for People with Limited Vision
  34. QouRier – QR for Business
  35. Greek Name Day Reminder for Android
  36. Power Consumption Digital Converter System with Special Protection
  37. Automatic Pill Bottling System
  38. Intelligent Digital Portrait
  39. Design and Development of a House Automation System
  40. Access by Using Smart Cards
  41. Robotic Vehicle Obstacle Avoidance
  42. Audio Transceiver System by Using Laser
  43. Interactive Table
  44. ORASIS: Photo Processing System (iOS)
  45. Aircraft Parking System
  46. Smart Lift
  47. Smart Online Lectures
  48. Design and Construction of a Measurement System to measure a Telemetric System.
  49. Control of a Three Lift System
  50. Design and Development of an Electronic Harp
  51. Development of an Application to Remote Control LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT via BLUETOOTH
  52. Design and Development an Aquarium Control System
  53. Design and Development of Computer Music Melodies Production Machine
  54. Design and development of Solistic Guitar with Laser
  55. Order Management System
  56. Autonomous Camera Mounting Base
  57. Detection of Random Objects
  58. Automatic Student Attendance Recording System
  59. Location Aware Services
  60. Portal Auction of Technical Projects
  61. Implementation and Verification of Digital Signatures Using Mobile Phone
  62. FPGA PID Controllers and Filters
  63. Electronic Guide to Use Smart Tags
  64. Open Source Platform EPC and RFID Applications
  65. Autonomous Robotic Vehicle for Identification of Optical Standards (A-MO2DS)
  66. Design and Development of a Completely Unmanned Fully Remotely Controlled Flying Object and Integration with Automatic Cruising System Based on Arduino Technology
  67. Design and Development of Multi-Touch Screen for a Civil Aviation Aircraft Cockpit
  68. SmartGreenhouse
  69. Send and Display Posts
  70. Smart House: Mechatronic Monitoring System and Humidity Damping in a House for Seasonal Use
  71. Design and Construction of Telemetric Measurement System Using Micro-sensors.
  72. Fire Safety System of a Floating Roof Liquid Fluid Tank
  73. Design and Construction of a Telemetric Measurement System Using Micro-sensors.
  74. Measuring System of Environmental Factors and pH in Water Network in Industrial Installation
  75. Energy Consumption Monitoring System for Residential Consumers
  76. Mechatronic System – Robot Transportation for Small Cargo
  77. Multisensory Control System for a Self-propelled Mechatronics Platform
  78. Advanced Mechatronic System for Remote Handling of Water Supply and Lubrication


  1. Alarm in Museum
  2. Clever House
  3. Fire Detection in Forest Area
  4. Design and Construction of Laboratory Bending Beam System
  5. Learning to Play with Boe-Bot
  6. Automatic Parking Using LEGO MINDSTORMS
  7. ΔΙΑΡΟΗ: An Absence of School Students Tracking System
  8. E-Learning with Remote Car Management
  9. Σχολική Διαφάνεια
  10. Checking a Robotic Arm Using Advanced Interactions
  11. iPower Remote Electrical Power Control System
  12. IR RFID. Access Control System with RFID
  13. Construction of a Vehicle Fleet Information Management System
  14. Design and Implementation of a Power Consumption Measurement Circuit
  15. Development of Internet Information Application – Smart TV
  16. ATeloM – Automatic Teller Machine
  17. A Dynamic Content Learning System
  18. Design and Development a 3D Object Printer
  19. Entrance Control with Fingerprint and Face Identification
  20. Emergency call
  21. iGreenie – Smart Greenhouse
  22. iRasberry Pi for Embedded Applications
  23. Juke Box
  24. Design and Development of a Mechanical, Underground, Rotating, Closed Route Parking
  25. Design and Development of a Color Identification and Object Separation System
  26. Design and Development of Portable System Reproduction of recorded howlsχεδίαση και Ανάπτυξη Φορητού Συστήματος Αναπαραγωγής Μαγνητοφωνημένων Ουρλιαχτών
  27. Environment ScalaLab and its Linkages to the Framework of NVIDIA CUBA for Parallel Processing
  28. Wi-Fi Robot-Internet Control of a Robotic Platform
  29. Arduino Applications
  30. Bionic Hand
  31. Line follower
  32. Robot Confectionery
  33. Mary. The intelligent robot
  34. MyGreenHouse-Smart Greenhouse
  35. PLP-ANDROID Application for Educational Purposes
  36. Smart Torpedo ST14
  37. Teacher Assistant
  38. Beach Remote Monitoring
  39. Automated Candle Production Line
  40. Face and Fingerprint Entrance Control
  41. Smart Obstacle Avoidance Alarm Vehicle
  42. Tracked Fire Distinguisher
  43. Electronic Supermarket
  44. Software Simulation of Electronic Circuits
  45. Line Follower
  46. Smart Greenhouse
  47. Greenhouse Control System
  48. Entrance Counting System
  49. The Unfriendly Island -3D Interactive Action Game
  50. Vocal Score Management
  51. Electric Vehicle Remote Control with the Help of Hand Movement
  52. Arduino-iPhone e-Health Sensor Platform
  53. Technical Cost Evaluation of Solar Heating Systems in Greece
  54. Development of Railway Control System
  55. Remote Management and Control of House Electrical Installations (mi-home)
  56. Robotic Arm Control Using Advanced Interactions
  57. Mechatronics Open Space Security System Using Wireless Sensor Network (AIPN)
  58. Moisture Measurement System (air), Temperature, Contact, Vibration and Acceleration with Arduino Mega
  59. Design Development and Construction of a 3D Printer DLP-SLA Technology
  60. Design Development and Construction of a 3D Printer FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
  61. Drone – The Help From Above
  62. RIBS – Remote Integrated Barbecue System
  63. RoboGuard – Vehicle Keeper with Remote Features
  64. An Innovative Student Education Unit
  65. An Application of Recording, Routing and Navigating
  66. Educational Model “First Robotic Vehicle”
  67. Educational Interactive Mock Acquaintance with Arduino
  68. Old People Falls Detection System with Sensor Network
  69. Autonomous Exoskeletos for Artificial Assisted of the Human Forearm
  70. Autonomous Vehicle Driven by GPS
  71. Hydroelectric Power Plant
  72. Home 3D Object Printer
  75. Robot Pirate
  76. Tea Making Robot
  77. A Humanoid Robot
  78. Robotic Hand
  79. Photovoltaic Power Generation Station
  80. Acoustic Jammer – Passive Acoustic Torpedo THELXIOPE
  81. Educational Robotics
  82. Study of the Vehicle Automations, Analysis and Laboratory Application of the Anti-locking Braking System
  83. Study of Contemporary Identification Systems
  84. Design of Movement Mechanism in the XY Plane and Motion Simulation with Help of a Computer
  85. Accident Prevention Systems Development
  86. Development of Closed System Controlled Conditions (temperature, humidity, brightness, oxygen content)
  87. Light Activation Automation in Different Scenarios and Different Implementations
  88. Development of an Entertainment Automation with Raspberry Pi
  89. Development of a Scenario of Cooperation of Cluster Robots (Swarm Robotics)
  90. Study of the Movements of a Modular Arm. Kinematics Analysis and Development of a Scenario of Arm Educational Practice.
  91. Design and Navigation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  92. Construction and Design of Three Axis Freedom Parallel Mechanism (3 PRS)
  93. Design, Development and Construction of a Laser Engraving System
  94. A Dynamic Student Test Site
  95. Bread on Line (Remote Power Device Management)
  96. Re-compress
  97. Controlling System Re-compress
  98. A Venting Machine
  99. An Android Application
  100. Construction and Flight of a Fly Robotic Platform
  101. Design and Development of an Area Safety System
  102. Remote Vehicle Control (R.V.C)
  103. The Raspberry Pi for Motion Detection
  104. Development of an Educational Robot Arm
  105. Drone GEP 4
  107. Automatic Car Washing Machine
  108. Android Application for the Risk of Solar Radiation
  109. Wireless tachometer with PC interface and window display GUI
  110. Virtual Tour of the TEI of Western Macedonia in Kastoria
  111. Drawing Robot
  113. Car Remote Control
  114. Smart Home: House Control by Mobile Phone
  115. Handling Domestic Appliances Via WiFi Using an Android Device (Mobile or Tablet)
  116. Internet Service for Creative Employment of Children with Special Needs
  117. Touch and Learning Piano
  118. Automatic Sales of Fuel Using RFID
  119. Safe Smart Safe
  120. Underwater ROBODITE Underwater
  121. Racing Games Motion Simulator
  122. GEP – DRONE Research & Development
  123. Acquaintance with Ruspberry Pi
  124. Robotic Arm
  125. Devillino10
  126. Smart Home
  127. Aurasma
  128. History of High School With the Use of Aurasma
  129. DysMath
  130. Journey to the City of Kavala
  131. Development of Wireless Sensor Networks (ADAs) in parcels, warehouses & agricultural machinery, intelligent data processing and dissemination through the Internet of Things (IOT)
  132. Measurements with Wireless Open Area Sensor Networks in security applications
  133. Unmanned Vehicle (UAV) for the provision of health services
  134. Autonomous drug distribution platform
  135. Mechanical Photovoltaic Pan Cleaning System
  136. El Greco Humanoid Robot
  137. Drawing Robot WIFI & Bluetooth (Design and Implementation of a Design Vehicle)
  138. ECO-FRIENDLY-SMART-HOUSE (Design and Development of an Eco friendly Smart House with Remote Viewing Capability)
  139. IoT Humanoid Robot (Tele-control of a Humanoid Robot Using an Open-source Adroid Application)
  140. ir_bridge_control (Remote Device Management System)
  141. Lego-Sytsem-Guidance-For-Visual-Impairment (Design and Implementation of a Blind Guiding System Using LEGO Components)
  142. Robot-3D Tetris (Detective Robot Identifies and Stacks Tetracubes, a Realistic Version of the Tetris Game)
  143. ARIATIS (Implementation of an Augmented Reality for the Development of Cultural Heritage Sites)
  144. ARTutor (Online Application and Application of Mobile Devices for Augmented Reality Training)
  145. Auto-P.U.F.F.S (Production Line for Artificial Vision Splitting)
  146. Scorbot ER Vplus Simulation (Software Development for the Scorbot Robot Arm Simulation – ER Vplus)
  147. mLearn (Internet Application and Application of Mobile Devices for Educational Excursions)
  148. SmartFVR (Design and Development of a Human Identification Device from their Finger Veins)
  149. Multi-Sensor Design that Communicates with a Related app on Android via Bluetooth
  150. Order Queueing for Coffee-restaurants
  151. A.M.C.P. Autonomous and Manual Car Production (Automated and Manual Car Production)
  152. Applications of Educational Technologies
  153. ELIDA Blind Guiding Glove
  154. Automated Hydroponics Greenhouse
  155. Virtual Informer (Implementation of a Virtual Hologram Informant with Interactive Functions)
  156. Smart home – Google Home (Implementation of an Intelligent House whose Voice Functions are Handled)
  157. Educational Robotics
  158. LitleGirlBits (Primary School Girl Educational Robotics System)
  159. Air Cue Bot (Integrated Robotic Airborne Intervention System to Help Users with a Drone)
  160. Mechanical Underground Spinning Closed Parking
  161. Implementation of Urban Transport in Kavala
  162. Escape Learning Room
  163. Trials of the Acropolis VR
  164. Motion Detection from WEB Camera
  165. Arduino Game
  166. Wireless Space Thermometer
  167. Smart Night Light for Kids
  168. Electronic Dice
  169. Automated Home Awning
  170. Educational Robotics
  171. D.Η.Τ.
  172. Open CV Artificial Computer Vision
  173. Motorized Four-stroke Motorcycle
  174. PM10 and PM2.5 Particles Metering and Registration Instrument
  175. Electromagnetic Crane
  176. Bluetooth Quad-core
  177. Remote Controlled Vehicle with Bluetooth
  178. CAR Kitt Arduino Robot
  179. Beehive Supervisor – Beekeeping Scale
  180. Humidity Measurement Using Lego Mindstorms and Automatic Water Adjustment