(industrial informatics festival or i2fest 2018)



The Technological Research Centre of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace of (TRC EMTh), the Chamber of Kavala, the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (EMT) Region and the Department of Computer and Informatics Engineering of the Eastern Macedonian and Thrace Institute of Technology (EMTh IT), being guided by the undeniable success of the previous eight festivals will organize in the modern Exhibition Centre of Kavala “Apostle Mardyris” the Ninth Nationwide Industrial Informatics Festival (www.i2fest.gr) from Friday 5 to Saturday 13 of October 2018.

For those not familiar, this is a festival of new technologies that aims to demonstrate the potential of the information industry and its significant effects of the social, economic and cultural life.

The approach to this very serious issue has multiple features to attract to the festival place people of different ages, educational levels and technological concepts. The development of such an action enables everyone to understand the digital gap, to learn new practical and operational applications of the high technology products and to diminish the technophobia.

The Industrial Informatics Festival offers a special program of actions aiming at providing stimuli to the high school students, to highlight innovative practices from Greece, to offer the opportunity for university students to present their work and the production people to see their innovative proposals and all this combined with a variety of cultural activities during the festival.

The festival activities are divided into three basic categories:

  1. School-Students Parents,
  2. Academicspace-Services
  3. Culture-Politics.

We believe that the information industry is to a high degree associated with these categories and the implementation of this crucial project is more than ever necessary.

In the category “School-Students-Parents” the people of the festival are working to provide simplified technological knowledge to high schools students. Also, they work with the high school teachers in order to create an interactive learning space and entertainment. The actions in this category relate to speeches to high school students and parents in the amphitheater and visits to the stands where the works of the university students are exposed.

In the category Academic Area-Enterprise” is given special attention in the development discussions with the participation of influential people of the academic and industrial space in the form of workshops. The topic of the discussions is different each time. The exhibition space enables the students (from the Universities of the country) to present their works. The businesses people can visit the exhibits and talk to the students. The four best works get awards.

The category “Culture-Politics” closes the combined effort of the approach. The political life of each country, decides the rules and lays the bases for the much-needed development. Inside the frame of this category discussions that concern a different issue every time, in the form of workshops between production organizations and state significant people are taking place. At the same time, the people of the festival organize cultural and other events to enable the expression of the young people and to create a fun atmosphere.

The great strength of the festival are the 120-150 volunteers working with zeal and care in order to achieve the best possible results.